Our Media Innovation History

Altmedia has created and launched a wide range of advertising media solutions that show the innovative, creative and pioneering spirit that has guided and driven our business for over a decade.  These are some media innovations that we have successfully pioneered within the Zimbabwean market:

2004 - Video Box Advertising
Advertising on the back of rental video box covers in partnership with Lounge Lizards Video Clubs. Major Clients - Dial a Delivery

2005 – Table Mat Menus
Advertising on restaurant tables using placemats visible to dinners advertising businesses around various restaurants.

2006 – Who2Call
A Business Help directory distributed monthly directly to over 10 000 homes within Harare advertising businesses targeting homeowners.

2009 – City Business & Trader
An advertising booklet for shoppers highlighting the rapid price changes during hyperinflationary period in Zimbabwe

2010 – Restroom Advertising
Advertising within restrooms / washrooms at top end restaurants, cafés and nightclubs within Harare

2011 – Base Station Branding
Brand identities placed on cellphone tower structures. Major Clients - NetOne

2012 – School Notice Board Advertising
Advertising on sponsored school notice boards at Private schools within Zimbabwe – Major Clients : Robert Root

2012 – EventBin Advertising
Advertising on Sponsored temporary litterbins placed at major events within Harare. Major Clients: Hyundai

2012 – GreenBin Advertising
Advertising on litterbins at high end shopping centres in Zimbabwe.

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